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Taisho period (1912-1926)
This stunning silk wedding gown was obviously created by a master yuzen artist of the day. The color range is unusually broad. Patterning techniques include profuse yuzen-painting work with much metallic couching outlining, metal thread embroidery and brush-painted highlights. Red rinzu silk inner lining. 49” from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 66” height. This uchikake is an extraordinary testimony to the renaissance in kimono art that took place in early 20th century Japan. The design is complex and graphic, seamlessly uninterrupted - a rare feat - notwithstanding the fact that all kimono are constructed of four separate panels sewn together, making art continuity extremely difficult over the entire canvas of the textile. There are various flower and plant garlands, kikko tortoiseshell motifs, as well as a large paradise type of scene, however, the center of gravity are the two large flying cranes on the upper back of the robe. We have not seen an extant kimono in which cranes are as realistic and three-dimensional as on this example: the fine shading on the wings is superb. White cranes are among the premier symbols of longevity and good fortune -- the Japanese view them as living to great ages and as being able to navigate between heaven and earth.
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