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Taisho period (1912-1926)
A stunning silk kimono featuring a 'shou-chiku-bai' design of yuzen-painted pine trees, bamboo and ume blossoms. Silk and metallic embroidery highlights worked on both outside and inside. For a better understanding of the total art involved, please glance at the 'back opened' image. 49" from sleeve end to sleeve-end x 63" height. The ensemble of pine, bamboo and plum blossoms are all symbols of winter, long life, and the cultured person -- are rendered very artistically and graphically on this kimono. These three plants are referred to as the "Three Friends of Winter" by the Japanese, and are particularly associated with the New Year. It is therefore likely that this kimono was created to be worn during the New Year, perhaps as a stage or theatrical robe, judging by its bold design and 63" height. In addition to the winter motifs already mentioned, this kimono possesses a double inner lining (see images) to give the wearer additional warmth on cold days.
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