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Taisho period (1912-1926)
A fine silk kimono featuring red, yellow, white and blue dyed fans stenciled on a rinzu background. 48" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 63" height. The Japanese believe that the handle of the fan symbolizes the beginning of life and the bamboo ribs are for the roads of life going out in all directions. Moreover, the action of opening a fan is an auspicious omen for the 'unfolding' of the future. As for the bamboo motifs, their evergreen leaves connote 'constancy', the evenly-spread nodes signify 'moderation', and its bending in the wind implies 'moral resilience'. As indicated for kimono item 2450, the design of this kimono is likewise unusual: the stacked fans yield a striking effect that both respects tradition and a strong 'modern' graphic design of a style that was surely groundbreaking at the time of it's early 20th century creation.
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