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A sheer hitoe (unlined) silk summer kimono featuring artistic depictions of large banana leaves and dragonflies. Highlights include silver and gold foil, as well as many horizontal silver-thread inserts. There is a single finely-embroidered family crest. Several dye stains. 50" across sleeves x 58" height. The banana is not endemic to Japan, and is rarely used in Japanese art. In this instance, the large banana leaves are decorative, implying the lushness of summer. The "tonbo", or dragonfly, does have a long history in Japanese art, with various connotations; in this instance, they provide a nostalgic image of the long ago days of childhood and chasing dragonflies during summer days through the rice paddies. The fact that this kimono possesses a mon (family crest) is quite unusual, as this indicates a semi-formal kimono -- most summer kimonos have no family crests. Thus this kimono may have been created to be worn at a specific summer festival.
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