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Early Showa (1926-1940)
A silk winter kurotomesode featuring yuzen-painted bird, flower and bamboo artwork, with metallic embroidery highlights. Five mon (family crests), so the most formal of kimonos. 48" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 60" height. Rare is the fact that this kimono displays the stamp of the artists workshop (see detail image). In terms of layout, the kurotomesode is the most traditional of kimono types, with few changes over the past 150 years. What separates this example from many other kurotomesode is the expertise in the yuzen painting, and the an unusually varied color palette. This kimono would have been worn by a married woman to a winter celebration or festivity - it has an extra inner lining to provide additional warmth. The spring scene on the kimono reflects the color and beauty of the soon-to-arrive spring season.
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