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Early-Showa period (1926-1940)
An hitoe (unlined) silk summer kimono featuring woven carp jumping in a turbulent waters. See detail images to view the front and back of the weaving technique. 50" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 56" height. The carp (koi) when used on a woman's garment such as this example is a emblematic of faithfulness in marriage and general good fortune. The arched shape of the carp on this kimono are indicative of "araiso" carp. The araiso carp leaps and dances in torrential rivers and tries to climb waterfalls, and so is also an auspicious symbol of perseverance and ultimate success in life. Some of the carp are turquoise with white heads, while others are completely white. This stunning example combines the traditional jumping carp and wave/current motifs with non-traditional and unusual additions -- four narrow white vertical stripes combined with wider alternating white and blue stripes at an angle. The result is a timeless graphic design masterpiece.
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