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A large furisode featuring yuzen-painted phoenix motifs with additional painted and metallic couching highlights. Five family crests. Secondary red lining, which along with the main outer garment are padded at the hems. 51.5" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 78" height. On the lower left front of the kimono is an artist or studio 'seal' (see gallery detail image), white on red): such 'signature' seals are rare on kimonos, and tend to be present on more upscale garments. In Japan, the mythical Phoenix was adopted as a symbol of the imperial household, particularly the empress. This mythical bird represents fire, the sun, justice, obedience, fidelity. The peony is the rose without thorns, and so embodies romance and love, and is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage as well. The depiction of a phoenix with flowering peonies is a decorative motif that dates back to at least the eighth century in China.
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