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Taisho (1912-1926)
A chirimen silk dark olive-green kimono featuring hand-painted twelve Famous views of Edo. Natural cream-white silk lining within the main, red lining in the sleeves. Fair/good condition: this kimono has noticeable fading on areas the background (see images), especially in the upper portion of the front and back. The kimono has also been shortened by about 4", by the original hem being folded and hand-sewn into the inner garment; there is wear and a 3.5" silk split at the base of the new fold. The inner lining has some small tears. The condition of the kimono results in a garment that should not be worn, but rather only displayed as a study or art piece (such as on the gallery image). 48" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 58" height. There are five family crests (mon: see detail image link below gallery image): this particular mon motif is very rare, and symbolize 9 stars (hoshi). These nine stars "are associated with the worship of Ursa Major, a practice adopted by the Chinese in the early Heian period and gradually worked into Buddhist belief - and particularly belief in the protective war deity Myoken" [quoted from page 43 of 'The Elements of Japanese Design' by John Dower]. The twelve famous views of Edo [present day Tokyo area], selected for the twelve months of the year, was a popular subject matter during the latter Edo period, with Ando Hiroshige and other artists creating 12 or more views on woodblock prints and other art-forms.
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