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Late Taisho to Early-Showa (1920-1940)
A sheer silk hitoe Ro kimono for summer wear, featuring weeping willow and carp motifs hand-painted with dyes. Light smudging in several areas. 47" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 57" height. In Japan the weeping willow is harbinger of spring but above all symbolized female grace and beauty. Its branches swaying in the wind reflected a Japanese wife's submission to her husband's will. The 'magoi' (black carp) represent the male, and the 'higoi' (red carp) the female. The carp motif is auspicious: the Japanese consider the carp as the most spirited of fish—so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades. Because of its strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.
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