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Taisho period (1912-1926)
A plain silk miyamairi boys kimono created as the main accessory during the child's ceremonial anointment at a Shinto shrine. The motifs of what may be the legendary Momotaro and an unknown woman on a lattice-patterned screen were accomplished by a mixture of yuzen and freehand painting, gold foil outlining and embroidery highlights. An inner white juban is included. 33" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 43" height. Miyamairi kimonos often share popular themes, and sometimes, like this one, is a theme unique to one or a few extant examples - we have not seen another with this rare design. The legend of Momotaro is a traditional and popular Japanese folktale about a boy (Momotaro, or "peach boy) who helps the local villagers fight a menacing band of demons. Momotaro has the kind of spirit and bravery that all Japanese parents would want their boy to have.
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