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A soft high-quality kinsha (slightly twisted threads) silk kimono featuring three ladies dancing in a wisteria garden. Firstly, it is obvious that a lot of planning was required for the layout - the balancing of wisteria, stream and dancing lady motifs is exceptional. Superior yuzen-painting (especially in the creation of the three dancing ladies), much of which has colors precisely graduated - a skill which only some artists were capable. Embroidery highlights. The wisteria and stream motifs continue on the inner lower hakkake - such extensive work on the inside of a garment is reserved for luxury garments. The soft silks on both outer and inner lining are of the highest quality, and the cloth has a wonderful drape. Five mon (family crests), indicating a formal kimono. For what occasion was this extraordinary kimono created? The black background and short sleeves perhaps point to wear by a married or mature woman, the five family crests as very formal, and the quality silks, extensive pattern-work, and superior craftsmanship that indicates an expensive, made-to-order garment. Wisteria bloom during May in Japan, so perhaps this kimono was intended to wear during that month. 52" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 62" height.
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