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Late 20th century
A large and stunning silk furisode featuring peony, wisteria and hydrangea motifs created utilizing a combination of weaving and shibori (tie-dye). Hiro-eri (unfolded) collar. Silk inner lining. This kimono comes with both paper and cloth certificates of origin. This furisode was certainly created by a custom workshop -- the art and craftsmanship are at a very high level, and this was both a labour-intensive and expensive undertaking. The shibori in particular is very precise and extensive. We have not seen another kimono with such a wonderful combination of weave and tie-die art. The first step in creating this furisode would have been to machine-programmed weave on white silk the complex flower patterns. The countless spots and areas to be left white were then tied, and then the garment repeatedly placed in a natural "ai" bath --"Ai" is an extremely fast, deep blue dye obtained from the "tadeai" plant in Japan. Once the desired shade of indigo blue is attained, the garment is left for a final dry and the shibori "ties" released. This kimono comes with both cloth and paper documentation from the custom workshop, attesting to the use of the natural "ai" blue dye, a dyeing art in Japan. Excellent condition. 53" from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 62" height.
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