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Taisho period (1912-1926)
A silk kimono featuring a graphic display of large yabane (arrow-feather) motifs, with a small number of highly reflective vertical gold and silver metallic supplementary threads. The upper inner lining (doura) is of hand-spun and woven silk, while the lower lining (hakkake) is of kinsha (fine crepe). 51” across shoulders x 59” height. The techniques used in this kimono are complex: there are uncommon vertical rinzu (figured silk; damask) bands alternating with plain weave bands; also uncommon and probably quite involved is the existence bands of different fineness’s, which maybe indicates that the finer sections have twice the number of wefts compared to other sections. This combination of metallic supplementary threads, damask bands, and varying thicknesses of fabric suggests the presence of very skilled weaving, albeit mechanized. This would have been an expensive kimono when it was created.
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