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A heavy rinzu (figured) silk chu (medium-length-sleeve) furisode featuring fans, kikko (tortoiseshell) flower and stream motifs. The stream is of the shibori technique, while the fans are of a multicolor complex embossing that has a mother-of-pearl effect. Specks of gold-glazing on the black background. Synthetic material white doura (upper inner lining). 50” from sleeve-end to sleeve-end x 62” height. Furisode, being garments of single young women and girls, are usually bright and colorful; the fact that this example is quite sombre is very unusual and leads one to assume that it was intended for a more solemn occasion. The complex workmanship indicates that this was originally a very expensive kimono, as few workshops in the late 20th century were capable of such a sophisticated undertaking. The design layout on this furisode was probably intentionally meant to respect that of those created in the 18th century.
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